Fundraising consultant
 +20 years of professional experience


Resource Mobilisation

Abena Lauber provides professional advice, support and coaching to help clients define and implement successful fundraising strategies and initiatives. 
Understanding the challenges faced by medium-sized NGOs and associations, her solutions are particularly adapted to this audience


Abena works on the basis of medium to long-term mandates (3 months +).  She also works punctually with clients requiring fundraising audits or hands-on solutions and coaching to implement fundraising objectives. She has devised a special pricing strategy for small to medium-sized NGOs and associations. 

Strategic events
With more than 15 years experience in event management (private and not-for-profit sector), Abena provides her expertise, creative solutions, project management and contract negotiation skills to stage strategic events that contribute to fundraising and outreach objectives.

 Fundraising bootcamp 2019 - A series of practical workshop
Through practical workshops, small to medium-sized NGOs and associations will obtain very pragmatic solutions to their fundraising challenges, building their capacities and sharing common experiences with other organisations. Through a series of 6 workshops over 3 months, participants will be able to adresse practical questions ranging from fundraising basics to more complex themes.  Participants will go home with useful tools, renewed energy, ideas and motivation. Interventions will be made by guest consultants/suppliers in the field of fundraising, partnerships and communications, who also aim to provide solutions for small to medium-sized NGOs and associations.


Memorable moments with clients and partners

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