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a.Community is an innovative consulting agency based on the principle of collective intelligence to ensure success in your fundraising campaigns. With a team of competent and passionate people, a.Community will support you throughout the process to execute your social and environmental impact projects in Switzerland and abroad.

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By analysing your current needs and situation, we develop a sustainable strategy with you, and we formulate a concrete action plan, tools, and processes.

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- Organisational audit
- Overall strategy
- Specific strategy (per project / per donor type)
- Funding plan
- Budget creation


Our team provides you with one-off or regular mandates to support you in all activities related to the fundraising cycle of your projects and the promotion of your mission.

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- Project design and support
- Selecting donor segments campaign type (source of funding)
- Support in the creation of project proposals (writing and formatting)
- Pitch formulation
- Prospecting, qualification, and prioritising prospective donors
- Donor and partner database development
- Donor cultivation
- Contacting prospects, submitting funding requests and making solicitation actions (small and major donors, private and public, institutional: foundation, private, companies...)
- Creation and implementation of stewardship plans
- Campaign follow-up


a.Community has been providing training through various practical modules based on the fundraising cycle since 2018. We enable you to improve your specific and general technical skills.

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Workshop type:
- Public (by registration)
- Customised (on request)


We analyse your digital presence and define your communication needs together, enabling you to adapt your channels of communication and multiply your sources of fundraising to increase unrestricted funding while expanding your outreach.

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- Peer-to-peer fundraising
- Digital fundraising
- Stewardship
- Newsletters and digital marketing
- Social networks
- Outreach strategy


We help you increase your visibility by developing a strategy that strengthens both your mission through awareness raising and your fundraising efforts. Thanks to our experience, we can help you develop your networks.

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- Poster advertising
- Specific campaign
- Media
- Events
- Strategic partnerships
- Volunteer recruitment and stewardship


Our team specialises in creating, advising, managing, and implementing strategic events for your fundraising and awareness campaigns, as well as donor acquisition.

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- Selecting event type
- Concept definition and messaging
- Team selection and project management
- Planning and execution
- Logistics and onsite management
- Follow-up and feedback


Our team will guide you individually or collectively to find common solutions and provide you with solutions, tools, and strategic contacts to advance your fundraising goals.

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- Diagnosis with short and medium-term solutions
- Brainstorming sessions
- Customised webinars
- Tailor-made needs


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