Tips: Creating Your Fundraising Strategy

a.Community shares 8 key steps to create your fundraising strategy.

8 key steps to create your fundraising strategy by a.Community

Developing a fundraising strategy is an important step in achieving financial sustainability.  Many organisations begin their fundraising activities organically, without a long-term outlook.  Often it is due to a combination of several factors such as urgency to secure funds, lack of tools and in-house expertise or lack of time or human resources available to dedicate time to planning these activities.  A few basic simple steps listed below can help formulate a strategy that will guide your fundraising activities.:


  1. In line with your organisational strategy determine your financial objectives for a specific timeframe*.
  2. Assess your strengths and weaknesses (SWOT).
  3. Identify your potential funding sources.
  4. Identify and define the key strategic components for each funding category (questions: where will I find my donors?, who can help me?, what time and resources do I need to cultivate, solicit and steward the relationship?).
  5. Create targeted marketing material and tailor your communication accordingly.
  6. Create a calendar, a roadmap and define responsibilities (this is a key to your success).
  7. Choose and monitor key performance indicators specific to your fundraising campaign.
  8. Evaluate your activities and identify improvements you can make to your fundraising strategy in the future.


*(If you already have fundraising activities beginning with 1) reviewing your current fundraising processes and the results of past campaigns, 2) decide what you will improve, stop, or continue doing).


While developing a fundraising strategy is essential, involving key functions of the organisation in the formulation and implementation of the strategy is important for long-term fundraising effectiveness.


a.Community collaborates with who have conceived an online assessment tool that examines 10 domains of activity within a social impact organisation (SIO) that have a deep impact on its long-term financial sustainability. This tool provides insight into what is working and sheds light on areas that require an investment of time, money or other resources.


If you want to know more about the assessment or formulating your strategy, contact us! 

by Abena Lauber


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