a.Community was at the FER’s post-summer break event!

The corporate world and the world of bespoke fundraising, as proposed by a.community, have every interest in joining forces.

On August 23, Abena and Elise participated in the FER’s traditional post-summer break event.

It was an opportunity for Abena Lauber, founder of a.Community, and Elise Jacqueson Maroni, one of the new team members, to meet business leaders involved in charitable projects, but also to share information about the fundraising sector.


Indeed, among donors, companies represent a small segment, whereas these two worlds would be well advised to get closer together, a.Community is convinced that companies can become actors of change in various fields around the issue of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which is a growing due diligence requirement to win a bid both in the public and private sector.


a.community will communicate on this topic in more detail in a future newsletter.


by Elise Jacqueson Maroni


If you are a company and would like to know more about these opportunities, contact abena@acommunity.ch


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